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Radical Candor by Kim Scott
St. Martin's Press, March 1, 2017

As educators, we know that learning, growth, and maximization of potential often hinge on caring relationships and clear feedback. Too often, however, those of us in supervisory roles find ourselves seeking to preserve relationships at the expense of delivering direct feedback, or having failed to establish strong relationships, find that our feedback is ineffective. Based on her many years as a leader and manager in Silicon Valley, author Kim Scott provides all of us who supervise or manage others a guide for how to create authentic relationships that allow for candid feedback to flow in both directions.  In a writing style that is both captivatingly personal and refreshingly direct, Scott walks the reader through the establishment of a culture of open communication, the building of trusting relationships, and models of true collaboration in a team environment.  The second half of Radical Candor focuses on specific tools and techniques for building relationships, giving and receiving feedback, team building, and getting results.  This text is highly recommended for anyone who is or has a boss and anyone who gives or receives feedback.

Submitted By: Isaac Enloe, Catlin Gabel School, Portland, OR

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