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Athletic Director/PE Teacher - Ayeyarwaddy International School

  • Job Description:
    1. Plan all course lessons and align them with the curriculum for your particular subject area.
     2. Work within our unit plan structure to ensure that we have both vertical and horizontal curriculum alignment as well as assessment alignment.
    3. Turn in weekly lesson plans or unit plans in the required format to the appropriate administrator by the school deadline (specific information related to lessons will be provided during orientation).
    4. Teach a maximum of 25 hours per week (Monday to Friday). These are contact hours and do not include lunch breaks and planning time.
     5. Work regularly with other faculty on curriculum committees to modify, expand, and/or improve the curriculum throughout the contract period.
    6. Actively participate in faculty meetings, planning sessions, pre-service trainings, in-service trainings, and strive to positively contribute to each meeting or training.
    7. Work on WASC-based school-improvement committees (i.e., committees which are required for Employer to maintain USA school accreditation).
    8. Participate in, and help to develop, extracurricular activities.
    9. Lead an after-school club for at least one hour each week throughout the school year. 10. Act professionally while on duty, refrain from engaging in off-duty conduct that may negatively impact the school, and strive to be a positive force with students, parents, coworkers, and the community in general.

    Athletic Director Duties/Responsibilities: The following duties are in addition to the duties outlined above. While some of the communication and organizational components can be accomplished during the abbreviated (25-hour) teaching week, some of the duties will take place after 3:30 p.m. The overarching duty of the Athletic Director is to oversee the running of all health and sports activities at the school.

    Specific duties are as follows:
    1. Oversee the use, storage, and replacement of PE equipment.
     2. Develop and organize extracurricular sports teams including scheduling, selection process for coaches, organization of teams, usage of the field/gym/pool, etc.
    3. Develop school-based athletic events/competitions
    4. Help develop inter-school events
    5. Work with outside organizations so that AIS students can participate in national events and, if possible, international events
    6. Coordinate with outside educators or organizations to bring athletic-related activities to AIS (e.g., local kick-boxing exhibition, local chinlone demonstrations, etc.)
    7. Develop and supervise after-school sports-based lessons
     8. Oversee the AIS club program, including the creation of a master schedule so that there are no conflicts in terms of gym/field/pool for after-school clubs and athletics
    9. Connect with other international schools (or any schools) in the region and beyond as a precursor to setting up joint athletic events
    10. Develop initiatives in order to promote healthy lifestyles (e.g., eating well, exercising, and avoiding drugs/alcohol)
    11. Work to direct the future of the athletic program so that each year we have more to offer our community
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  • School
    Ayeyarwaddy International School
    Mandalay, -N/A- , Burma
    Start Date: July 30,2018
    Teaching only, Full Time Permanent
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