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Director of College Counseling - Augusta Preparatory Day School

  • Job Description:
    Overview: Augusta Preparatory Day School seeks a passionate and energetic Director of College Counseling to work with an Upper School population of approx. 210 students in grades nine through twelve with an average senior class of approx. 50 students. More than 30 faculty and staff are involved in the pursuit of educational excellence through our holistic mission.

    The Director of College Counseling will lead the college search and application process, inspire students to seek a “best fit” college, and collaborate with other administrators to ensure that our outstanding programming remains in the best interest of 21st Century college-bound students. The Director of College Counseling will be an important leader in realizing the strategic vision outlined by school leadership and will report directly to the Head of Upper School beginning on July 1, 2018, as a full time exempt employee.

    Essential Functions:
    ● Continue development of a comprehensive, well-conceived, and effective four-year college counseling process that will guide students, parents, and advisers through the college admissions process with the ultimate goal being an appropriate placement for each senior.
    ● Create an effective conference plan for individual US students in grades 11 & 12. ○ Establish effective group meetings and presentations for classes, parents, and students at critical junctures in college counseling process.
    ● Work with advisers to establish goals and four-year academic plans for each US student.
    ● Work with faculty on completing teacher recommendations. 
    ● Develop program to guide students and parents through the “transition to college” process.
    ● Establish and maintain strong relationship with college admissions directors and offices.
    ● Schedule visits and host college representatives to APDS campus.
    ● Oversee the dissemination of all information regarding the college counseling application process.
    ● Provide scholarship & financial aid information to school families.
    ● Assemble, proofread, and send all college applications, including all secondary school reports.
    ● Work with the registrar to keep accurate permanent records of students’ testing and academic work.
    ● Assist the Director of Communications in maintaining the college counseling web pages.
    ● Maintain and update college counseling reference library.
    ● Coordinate and supervise the program and calendar of all standardized testing for students including scheduling test dates, registering students, arranging for special ‘prep’ sessions, administering the tests, and providing pre and post test counseling.
    ● Compile Administrative & Board reports on college counseling information.
    ● Develop APDS School Profile each summer.
    ● Work with US Head in overseeing committee to determine recipients of college awards and nominations for scholarships.
    ● Compile and send all college-related nominations (National Merit, Governor’s Honors, etc.)
    ● Contribute, assist in the organization of, and participate in both Senior Honor’s Night & Graduation.
    ● Prepare and administer the college counseling budget.
    ● Uphold and enforce school rules, administrative regulations and board policy.
    ● Participate as an active member of the Administrative Team and the Curriculum Oversight Committee.
    ● Perform other duties which may be within the scope of his/her employment as may be assigned by the Head of School or the Head of the Upper School (such as teaching, advisory duties, search committees, SACS accreditation work, faculty/staff committees, etc.)

    ● Experience in and an understanding of independent school education is an advantage.
    ● Enjoy spending time with teachers, students, and families in and outside of the classroom.
    ● Relate comfortably and, when necessary, firmly with students and parents.
    ● Experience and an understanding of the importance of strong academics balanced by co-curricular and extracurricular participation for both teachers and students is an advantage.
    ● Be an inspirational, innovative, and energetic leader who practices collaboration and understands the importance of strong decision making.
    ● Have strong written and oral communication skills.
    ● Possess proven skills in administration, time management, and organization.
    ● Be confident and comfortable in dealing with issues related to civility, integrity, and individual responsibility as part of Augusta Prep’s shared values and leadership of the Middle School.
    ● Having a Master’s degree or equivalent is an advantage.
  • More Information:Full job Listing
  • School
    Augusta Preparatory Day School
    Martinez, Georgia, United States of America
    Start Date: July 02,2018
    Administrative only, Full Time Permanent
  • Contact
    Peter Huestis
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