Summer Institute

"Klingenstein was truly one of the most incredible experiences.  Working closely with other teachers who are relatively new to the profession provided the opportunity to engage in meaningful and constructive conversations, and it provided the space to share ideas, strategies and experiences with one another. I learned more in the two weeks than I have learned in my two years of teaching. The friendships I made and the lessons I learned will be a foundation for my teaching in the many years to come."  Julie Schultz SI '12, Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, Washington

Dedicated to affirming beginning teachers and encouraging their continued growth, the Klingenstein Summer Institute gathers 75 teachers from around the world for an exploration of teaching styles, educational philosophies, educational issues and personal development. Meeting for two weeks in late June, the Institute challenges these participants to embrace the complexities of the classroom and to explore the art of teaching and the delicate balance of subject mastery, judgment, intuition and creativity.

This intensive program offered in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, is especially designed to make teachers more effective leaders in the classroom and throughout the school. Participants come together in a variety of workshops, seminars, and collaborative exercises, and are guided by prominent education experts, talented Teachers College professors, and master teachers. Participants also attend a theater production in New York City and explore the neighboring town of Princeton.

The Klingenstein Summer Institute offers a full fellowship, including tuition for four graduate credits, as well as room and board. In addition to the high caliber of the academic program, meals prepared by prominent chefs are a highlight of the Institute.