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Information on registering as an employer, posting independent school positions, charter school listings and search firms

The Klingenstein Center provides listings as a free service to fellow educators seeking to post and search independent school jobs. We ask that postings be kept to a reasonable length and reserve the right to edit as necessary. The Center does not maintain or endorse position listings. We do not list charter school positions in the general job bank, however, we will link to charter school websites with open positions. For more information please see below.

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If you are just browsing job listings, YOU DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER OR LOG IN. Just click on Search Postings and refine your search as needed. Only individuals seeking to post jobs are required to log in.

Job Posters

The Klingenstein Center provides the job bank as a free service to independent schools interested in posting positions. Schools must register as potential employers by creating a log-in above. Once a potential employer's request has been approved you will be able to post your job. Job descriptions should be typed into the appropriate area as pasting in documents often results in formatting errors.

Jobs posted require an expiration date up to one year. The Klingenstein Center does not take responsibility for removing posted jobs.

Charter Schools

Charter Schools seeking to share job openings may provide a link to their websites which will be posted below. Direct links should be sent to with charter school position in the subject line.


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  • Search Firms

    It is the Center's policy not to accept general service postings from executive search firms. The Center will post Heads searches conducted by a search firm. We also provide links to firms below:

  • ATOMS Placement Services -
  • CalWest Educators Placement
  • Carney, Sandoe & Associates
  • Deerfield Associates
  • Educators Collaborative
  • Educational Directions Incorporated
  • Educator's Ally
  • Faculty Diversity Search Faculty Diversity Search
  • Independent School Placements
  • Independent Thinking
  • Littleford Associates
  • Southern Teachers Agency