Heads of School FAQ

"School heads are energetic people, but I could not predict that we would be so stretched by the ideas, observations, perspectives and tasks that consumed us from our lively breakfast conversations, to eye-opening school visits, classes and case studies, to focused late-night research and readings." Olaf Jorgenson HDS '10, Almaden Country School, CA


Who is eligible to apply?

Current Heads of independent schools who are remaining in their position are eligible to apply. Given the goals of the program, we do not accept applications from departmental or division heads, such as Upper School Head, or from principals of charter schools.

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What is a fellowship program?

A fellowship is a merit-based scholarship. All accepted Heads receive a fellowship that covers the costs of tuition and accommodations, and some rewarding social events. Meals and transportation to and from Teachers College are not included.

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How do I apply?

Please apply directly to the Klingenstein Center for this non-degree Teachers College program. See Admissions instructions.

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What is the admission deadline?

All completed admissions applications need to be received by May 1st.

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Is housing provided?

Participants are expected to stay in the accommodations provided. We cannot accommodate family members.

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When will I be notified of an admissions decision?

Notification of admissions decisions will be sent via email by mid-June.

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Are there special requirements for international applicants?

International students must hold the equivalent of a U.S. baccalaureate degree in order to be eligible for admission to Teachers College. If your native language is not English, or you received your baccalaureate degree from an institution where English is not the official language of instruction, you must submit official scores from an accepted English proficiency exam. International applicants are encouraged to carefully review the International Applicants section of the Teachers College Admissions website and contact the Klingenstein Center for assistance.

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Can I submit letters of reference?

Yes, you may, but it is not required for this program.

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Is an interview a required component of an application?

An interview is not required.

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Do I earn graduate credit in the program?

Upon successful completion of the program which includes projects work and a written paper, students earn three points of graduate credit from Teachers College, Columbia University. Official transcripts may be requested from the Registrar’s Office.

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