Heads Program


“Sometimes one realizes in the midst of a new experience that it has the potential to be life changing. My time as a visiting head in the Klingenstein program was that realization for me." Reveta Bowers HDS '96, The Center for Early Education, CA

Some Heads think that they can't afford to take two weeks from the demands of running a school for their own development. Those who've been through the Klingenstein Heads program know they can't afford not to.

Your school is ultimately a reflection of your vision and leadership. Keeping the most important things about education at the forefront is key to the work you do every day. You owe it to yourself, your faculty and students to find the time for the necessary academic renewal, meaningful discussion and personal growth that will energize your whole approach to leadership.

Heads Program participants come to the Klingenstein Center to be replenished as educational leaders. They leave renewed in their commitment to leadership and good teaching, and enriched by the professional relationship established within their cohort-- a core group of colleagues to call upon for advice, camaraderie and support-- for the rest of their professional lives.

Application Requirements:

All Heads of independent and international schools with a nondiscriminatory admissions policy are eligible to apply to the Klingenstein Heads Program.   Program costs for tuition and housing are fully funded.  Applicants must be continuing in their position as a school head for at least the year following the program.

Application Deadline:

The deadline to receive completed applications for the 2015 Heads Program is May 1st, 2014.

The dates of the 2015 program are January 25 – February 6, 2015.

Application instructions

The application for admission is now available through the