Contributing to Klingbrief

The Klingenstein Center welcomes Klingbrief contributions of recommended publications from colleagues in the field. Those interested in submitting should consult the list of previous submissions at the bottom of this page and make note of the following criteria.  We look forward to receiving your contribution:

  • Each description of current research articles, books and electronic sites of particular interest to independent and international school educators should be between 150 and 200 words.
  • Relevancy is important--topics should cover educational or social issues that have impact for the world of independent and international schools; this criterion encompasses a fairly broad spectrum.
  • Articles should have been published within the past 12 months, books in the past two years.
  • Contributions may be in any media, including video, but it is important that submitted articles have links that open fully to non-subscribers.
  • Submissions should include authors, publishers and dates of publication. Links should accompany electronic articles, sites or video. Paying a visit to the Klingbrief archives may be useful for understanding the criteria.
  • Submissions received by the 15th of the month will be considered for end of month publication.
  • Recommendations of one's own work cannot be considered.

All submissions are peer reviewed and selected by an editorial board composed of Klingenstein alumni who seek work that provokes and inspires, that has originality and broad appeal. For additional information or to make your submission email

When considering a selection, please check the Klingenstein directory below to see if a piece has previously appeared in the publication.


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