Catarina Song ChenCatarina Song Chen, HDS '17, The American School of Belo Horizonte, Brazil

The Klingenstein Center is an exceptional, life changing program for Heads of Schools. It’s an oasis where school heads from around the world can gather and unplug from the fast and furious day-to-day, cultivate meaningful relationships with one another, and replenish the mind, body, and spirit. The fellowship felt like a retreat, surrounded by peer mentors, sharing our beliefs in a crowdsourcing format that allowed for knowledge to be reinforced, reflected on, and retained. I walked away transformed, armed with courage, passion, and know-how for lifelong self innovation. I recommend the program to all school heads.

Steve MorrisSteve Morris, HDS '17, San Francisco School, CA

The Klingenstein Heads Program served as a mini sabbatical of sorts. In addition to broadening my network of Heads colleagues to a worldwide one, it gave me the time to reflect on and grow my leadership, think about and hone my educational philosophy, and see more clearly my vision for my current school.

Marta Medved KrajnovicMarta Medved Krajnovic, HDS '17, Stockholm International School, Sweden

The Heads Programme was a unique experience! What made it unique was a combination of the intellectual depth of the programme, discussions about the relevance of theoretical thought for our strategic work as school leaders, as well as sheer practicality of sharing, listening and consulting with colleagues. I find the Columbia University experience reoccurringly useful in my daily work as a Head.

Jay UnderwoodJay Underwood, HDS '17, High Meadows School, GA

With the day-to-day demands of running a school, we rarely have the time to study, reflect, and connect. The Heads of School Program gave me the opportunity to do each of those to a greater degree than I had even hoped. I left the program renewed, inspired, and eager to return to my school with energy to lead with enduring confidence and joy.

James Calleroz WhiteJames Calleroz White, HDS '16, Louisville Collegiate School, KY

The Klingenstein Heads of School Program was the best professional development that I have ever participated in as a Head of School. While there is never a "good" time to be away from school, the time spent with amazing colleagues from all over the world was worth every second. We worked hard, learned tons, and felt connected as kindred spirits because of the shared sense of purpose and excitement around our work. This experience has added years onto my career, and I truly believe that my time at Klingenstein has made me a better educator!

Greg O'Melia

Greg O'Melia, HDS '16, Buckley School, NY

The Heads of School Program was an unforgettable experience. My horizons were broadened from working with Pearl Kane and various instructors, the dedicated Klingenstein staff, the enthusiastic graduate student cohort, and eighteen talented heads from around the world. I came back to Buckley refreshed and recharged for the challenges that lie ahead. I also came away with a greater sense of purpose. For all of this, I am especially grateful.

Suzanna Jemsby

Suzanna Jemsby, HDS '15, Galloway School, GA

It was truly magical. When I realised that I was going to be able to indulge my brain for two whole weeks without the distraction of running a school, I was beyond excited. The learning was extraordinary, and all the more powerful because of the full immersion nature of the experience.  

Bessie SpearsBessie Spears, HDS '14, Tower Hill School, DE

Participating in the Klingenstein Heads Program was one of the most rejuvenating and inspiring experiences in my professional career. The opportunity to be with heads from around the world to reflect together on our work in schools as well as visiting a wide array of schools in New York, provided a rich combination to simulate both head and heart. 

Peter Howe

Peter T. Howe, HDS '14, United World College, Maastricht, The Netherlands

The Klingenstein Heads program was a two-week affirmation of all that I believe in as an educator. The wisdom I received from the professors and my fellow heads will empower me to lead my school to the vanguard of 21st century education.  

Kathleen McNamaraKathleen McNamara, HDS '13, Seven Hills School, CA

Having the luxury of time and space to collaborate with colleagues and think deeply about issues in education was a gift I will treasure for a very long time. I cannot speak highly enough about the quality of the program and the bonds formed with my cohort. I wish I could go back every year!

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